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It took a while but many of the goals of the 9-11 attackers have been realized.
Mighty Mouse
 The 9-11 attackers wanted to collapse our financial system. Seven years after the attacks, the policies implemented after 9-11 brought us to the edge of financial collapse and we are not out of the woods yet. The attackers hated (and continue to hate) our freedoms and civil liberties and many of the policies implemented since then have put quite a curb on those freedoms and liberties in the name of “keeping us safe”. We have decided it is OK to be more like them in order to fight them. The attackers hate our religious tolerance and since then we have become more intolerant of those who do not share a religion that we practice. Nine years after the attack nothing has replaced the twin towers they destroyed.  The country is more divided and polarized than, it seems, it ever was before. People are being attacked simply because of how they are different. People who claim not to be racist wish that those who feel racially oppressed would just get over themselves. We elect politicians who only want to see the other party fail. I hear talking heads and politicians say everything changed on 9-11 and things can never again be the way they were before. And I can imagine Osama bin Laden saying “My work here is finished.”


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