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Why doesn't Obama issue an Executive Order to stop Don't Ask Don't Tell?
Mighty Mouse
“Why doesn't Obama issue an Executive Order to stop Don't Ask, Don't Tell?”  I hear this over and over.  Often the people who ask this point to how easy it was for President Truman to issue an Executive Order to integrate the Army.  What they fail to note is that, when President Truman issued that order, there was no Federal Law mandating the segregation of the Army.  The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy was enacted by Congress and signed into Federal Law.  The President does not have the power to repeal or modify any law.  And, if he issued an Executive Order that contravened a law he would be in violation of the law.  I heard calls for the impeachment of President Bush when he simply failed to implement a law.  Can you imagine the outcry for impeachment if President Obama did anything to impede the enforcement of a law?  So, let’s correct our focus to where it belongs: on the U.S. Congress where all President Obama can do is to exert influence; which is something he is already doing.   

This week Rachel Maddow points out the careers that are being destroyed while the President (and the Democrats) consider the political implications of terminating "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".  I say, consider the careers that will be destroyed if we end up with a Congress that thinks "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is working just fine.   


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